To The Softer Side of Life
Epuffany Persians
 I am located in the low desert area of Southern California near Palm
Springs.  I have been working for the last 15 years on my goal of getting
CFA show quality chocolate and lilac bi-colors, which has proven to be a
difficult task.  But I also get a potpourri of other colors as well.  If you
go to the
Sires and Dams page and click  on the underlined links on each
of the female's pictures, you can see pictures of all of their past kittens.
Sires and
About Me

 I have been a small scale breeder of several breeds of dogs and cats since
the early 70’s.  I was 19 years old when I bought my first purebred Persian
cat, registered a cattery name, and began showing in C.F.A. (Cat Fanciers
Association).  But I had been a cat lover my whole life, and was allowed
the privilege of having my first household pet at age 3, with whom I
formed a strong spiritual kinship.  From that day forward I was never
without a cat, and actually preferred them to people (still do-LOL!).  By
the time I reached college age, I knew I wanted to be a Veterinarian, and
had decided to become a cat specialist.  The requirements to get into UC
Davis, the #1 vet school in the US, was to have a bachelor’s degree in Bio-
Chemistry with a very high grade point average, and years of experience
working in the animal field, with excellent references.  So, the majority of
my job experience was working for veterinarians, for Kelly Park Zoo in
San Jose, Ca.,
 as a groomer, and for pet shops including one named
"Gerard's Jungle Island," which specialized in exotics (lions and tigers and
bears, Oh My!).  I was 6 classes away from my bachelor’s degree with a 4.0,
when I became a single parent, and could no longer meet the demands of
the grueling schedule, or afford to pay a sitter for the long hours spent
away from home.  But these years of experience were not all for naught.  To
be a successful breeder, it's a must to have to have a strong medical bend,
and a lot of veterinary knowledge, especially when working with the
Persians, which have the highest mortality rate among their kittens of any
breed.  It can be very emotionally draining a lot of the time.
Please read my
Question and Answer page, as one of my pet peeves has been
having to take the time to answer e-mails asking me the same questions
over and over.  I have a full life outside of the cat hobby (which is a full
time job in itself), an eBay business, 4 grand kids, and very little time to be
answering e-mails.