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The picture below is what the Traditional Persian looked like in 1952 before 6 1/2 decades
of selective breeding for the flat face.  This blue Persian female was Best in Show, at the
biggest cat show of the year held in Los Angeles, CA.  Although I am breeding for the
show standard, which calls for the flat face, and all my breeding stock are show
standard,  I still get some longer, lower nosed kittens in my litters, especially since I have
been using the chocolate bloodlines, which haven't been worked with as long as the other
colors.  I think it is nature's way of trying to revert back to what the Persian originally
looked like.  Now these longer, lower nosed Persians are called "Doll Faced."
Page updated 8-9-20
Sires and
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Himalayan Female

Sorry, all the kittens pictured below are Reserved.  Next litter due aprox. Aug. 16th.out of C.C. x Redford.

Litter born 6-14-20  out of
Truffles x Snickers contains 2 males--a Chocolate Point and White, and a Red Tabby and White.  
Pictures are posted below at 6 weeks
Litter born 6-26-20 out of Tootsie  x  Snickers contains 2 Chocolate and White males. Pictures posted below at 5 1/2  weeks
Newest litter born 7-7-20 out of
Mama Mia x Snickers contains a Red/White Van male. Pictured below at 4 weeks

**Before you decide to adopt one of my kittens, or email me with questions, please read the
Question and Answer page.
Red Tabby and White male
6 weeks
Chocolate Point/White male
6 weeks
Doll Faced Chocolate/White Male
Five and a Half Weeks
Four Weeks
Doll Faced Red/White Van Male
Chocolate/White Male #2
Five Weeks 5 Days